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The Deluxe model is flushable with a hand sanitizer and toilet seat sanitizer. This is the least expensive unit and is the most popular rental for your average backyard party. Your guests are usually delighted to see that it flushes along with a hand sanitizer to clean their hands. The color choices are Forest Green, a Sand Tan color and a Pewter Grey, as seen below.

The Deluxe Plus is a new addition to our line of elegant individual restrooms. The Deluxe Plus is different from the Deluxe unit as it contains a sink instead of the hand sanitizer dispenser and there is no urinal. This unit comes in the same Tan, Pewter Grey and NOW in the Forest Green. It is not as large as the Comfort or the Supreme unit. It is considered to be a standard size unit.

In the Deluxe Plus unit the urinal has been removed and a corner sink has taken its place. There are 2 styles of flush, an floor foot pedal flush and a tank handle flush. All units have a seat sanitizing dispenser to wipe the seat clean.

Delivery is usually done on Fridays and picked up on Mondays. Arrangements can be made for special deliveries on the weekend for a minimal charge. You are held responsible for any damages incurred during your rental period.

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