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All units featured below are for private functions only not to be used on construction sites. Separate construction units are available for job sites, beaches, ball fields, etc.

All units can be mixed and matched to work within your budget and clientele.


For those who want luxury in your restroom and a trailer unit just won’t fit in your budget or your venue then this unit is for you. Fresh water flushing system, stainless steel bowl, internal wash station, overhead solar light, built in paper towel receptacle, and a large mirror give this Elite unit all the comforts of home. Hands-free, Germ-free operations. 91″ high, 51.5″ wide, 47″ deep, weight 300 lbs.


The Supreme unit is white with teal accents. It is flushable and contains mirror, soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser and toilet seat cleaning dispenser. The Supreme unit is larger than the Deluxe or Deluxe Plus unit and has the appeal of an actual bathroom versus a the portable restroom style. The Elite and Supreme unit are a popular wedding unit.

Deluxe & Deluxe Plus

The Deluxe unit is the least expensive model and is the most popular rented unit. It is flushable with a hand sanitizer and toilet seat sanitizer.

The Deluxe Plus is a new addition to our line of elegant individual restrooms. The difference with this unit versus the Deluxe model is that it contains a sink instead of the hand sanitizer dispenser and there is no urinal. This unit comes in the tan and now in the silver grey color. It is not as large as the Comfort or the Supreme unit.


The comfort only comes in a Pewter gray exterior and can be used in combination with the Pewter Grey Deluxe or Deluxe Plus unit for weddings or special occasions. The Comfort unit is larger which makes it more comfortable for women to move around in if someone is wearing gowns or to use with children. The Comfort unit is ideal for pool parties as it can be used for a changing room. Now Available with fresh water sink and toilet seat cleaning dispenser.